Diane Christiansen

b. 1958

Drawing is my primary navigational tool. From that base come paintings, animations, and collaborative projects. In my paintings I use plaster supports, allowing the repeated act of painting and erasing through sanding to bring about unexpected and uncontrollable ghosts. Working back and forth makes possible a dance between abstraction and representation, bringing new ideas forward.

Simultaneously with the creation of this body of work I am engaged in animation projects, which are increasingly becoming collaborative ventures. With the help of collaborators, each animation grows and changes as it is conceived and executed. An emerging body of work uses hand-drawn and painted stop-action techniques to create animations that are strongly related to the paintings both in content and form. Animation lends itself not only to the narrative but also to the representation of creation and decay of forms and materials. The pieces currently being created exist both in animated form and as paintings themselves. Sections of these paintings can be collaged together in animation, giving forms their own narrative not specific to any one painting.

Themes of impermanence, decay, relationality, and interconnectedness are my ongoing thematic obsessions, which now play out not just in loose narratives and iconography but also in the way that these pieces are created, not only in the physical manifestation of the work but also by working with others with permeable creative boundaries. Collaboration, connection, and discourse are of the utmost importance in the life of this work.

Diane Christiansen is a Chicago based artist whose work has been shown extensively throughout the United States and in Europe. Her art practice includes painting, drawing, animation and an ongoing collaborative installation project with Detroit-based artist Shoshanna Utchenik. Diane is wildly in love with being alive.

She received M.F.A. from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1990. Her work has been exhibited in Kasia Kay Art Projects, Chicago, IL, Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, Herron Galleries, Indianapolis, IN, among others.

Familiar, with Joel Benjamin, 2014, duration 5m 31s

First Chapter, 2014, duration 2m 17s

Finest Fly, 2012, duration 2m 52s

Notes to Nonself, 2010, duration 3m 35s